Hey artists, producers & DJs! Interested in performing on the island?

We are about to start the DJ contest! 



We have 2 slots open for the winners of this years contest!

Apart from the honorary slot the winners will naturally also get a free ticket and all travel expenses to the island taken care of (+ a few friend codes to share with loved ones so they too can participate).

All you have to do to win is to show us, your friends and other fellow sinners that you truly belong on the island and our lineup! And the way to prove this is with an sinfully exquisite one hour set - preferably newly created!

Send the mix as MP3 to: and label it as “DJ CONTEST 2014 - your dj name”.

Deadline for participation is midnight on May 7th, 2014, symbolically marking the start of the three month countdown to SIN.

The day after, on May 8th, the received mixes will be uploaded to our “SIN DJ CONTEST 2014” Soundcloud page and opened up for listening and voting. Then a few weeks later on May 24th we will go through the stats and find out what sets have received the most love. The winners will then be invited to join us and add their particular musical flavours to the sinners’ collective delight in August!

So in short: Until May 7th, 2014 you have the chance to share your best set with us and after that until midnight of the May 23rd to encourage your friends and fans to support you. The winners will be announced at the SIN warm up party in Berlin, May 24th at Sage Beach & Fiese Remiese - and of course online for everyone to read the next day.

We are all very much looking forward to hearing what Secret Island should sound like according to you!

All the best,

Hampus, Björn, Juli and the rest of the SIN team