30 July - 2 August 2015


All participants are considered equal on this hedonistic-techno-hippie-wannabe-nation, created as it was to experiment and prototype around alternative ways of co-existence and expression. Coming from all over the world, we strive to create spontaneous playgrounds for self-exploration and other not-so-serious activities, all with the larger aim of inspiring to a more constructive attitude towards life as lived back in our everyday contexts. The Secret Island Nation festival now goes into its 10th year and is limited to 450 attendants plus DJ's and team as a way to protect the intimate atmosphere that it has become known for. All structures, bars, toilets and art installations are being built in a team effort from scratch as there is literally nothing except rocks and a beach. All staff, including DJs, are volunteers - working and playing without monetary incentives.

ALLEMANSRÄTTEN (“Jedermannsrecht”)

“Allemansrätten” is a law in Sweden that allows anyone to enjoy nature regardless of ownership. One is allowed to camp, make fire, pick mushrooms etc. – almost anywhere in Sweden! This only works as long as no one is disturbed and the nature is left like it was before – “leave no trace”. Due to this law it is possible for us to create our little temporary utopia on the island. We are guests there and as guests we will of course respect it to the fullest. In practical terms this means that we leave the place cleaner and more pristine than it was before! Don’t drop a single cigarette butt, inspire other citizens to also take responsibility for their general consumption, and bring the generated garbage to our waste disposals. This has worked very well during the years and we have even received positive local and national press about “Techno-Germans” being very mindful about Allemansrätten. This is one of the main reasons why we have always been welcomed and encouraged by the local community! Help us keeping it that way please.


Secret Island Nation is situated at one of the most exposed spots of the West coast of Sweden. In fact, just a few years ago a 70 m cargo ship sunk in a storm during the festival,  just 3 nautical miles west of the island. Another year, we were praying for clouds and more sunscreen. The conditions often change dramatically during the course of a day - regardless of the weather report. It may rain on the mainland around Havstenssund 1 km away, but not on the island et vice versa. Expect the unexpected and be prepared. It might get rough, it’s real nature, The weather last time was like a long paradisiacal dream. We might not have the same luck this time around. On the other hand perhaps we will, August is the best month in Sweden. Nix für Schönwetter-raver nonetheless!  


Several food teams will cater homemade food served twice a day, pretty great stuff for prices ranging from 6-8 EUR. Every morning, a lovely, healthy breakfast buffet is prepared. Furthermore, there are additional small food stands with waffles, Belgian fries or stone-oven baked island pizza. Bar Foxx offers fresh fruit juices and great coffee and Shanti-Shanti adds delicious meals to this booth.

Drinking water is available for tapping your bottles for free, of course.


Tough windbreaker kit to withstand rain and storm. Sunscreen (expensive in Sweden!) and sunglasses. Swimgear if you are too shy to swim naked. Anti-mosquito stuff for when there is no wind at night (although the number of mosquitos will be very low considering this is a small island in the ocean). Good, weatherproof shoes, there are plenty of sharp shells, rocks and thorns, so don’t walk barefooted outside of the obviously suitable areas. We will have doctors and nurses on the island, but even so please try to avoid to hurt yourself. You will love yourself for bringing a flashlight, or even better, a headlight with you. And your camera! This island is truly astonishing! Bring a lot of cigarettes or tobacco – our supply always tends to be too low, no matter how many cigarettes we buy. And last but not least: don’t forget your SIN passport!


You may camp wherever you want except for a few designated areas (where protected plants grow or projects need space). For more privacy and silence we recommend the less obvious areas. Ask any member of the crew once on the island for particular recommendations. 


Passport FAQ 

Travel Packages

Flights are to be booked by yourself. We suggest airports Landvetter/Göteborg and Oslo Rygge/Torp. We offer a shuttle bus service for these airports and the Oslo central train station. 

Passport Cancellation or Transfer / Name Change

Paid passports are non-refundable but a passport transfer / name change is possible. It is the confirmed passport number / code on our list that is important. If you have purchased a citizenship from somebody else it will be helpful to us if you can show the original e-mail confirmation from the seller. Of course, a true Sweutschländer does not profit from selling the passport to others and charges no more than the original price.  http://www.secret-island.eu/passport-transfer/

Garbage Deposit

The garbage deposit of 100 SEK / 10 EUR will be handed back to those who bring their full garbage bag and deposit coin back to the garbage truck at the harbor. We will leave the island a more beautiful place than it was when we arrived. Thanks for contributing to that. 

Re-entry possible?

Your festival bracelet allows re-entry. However, only one boat trip (and return) is included in the tax payment. Instead, you may find a personal agreement with the boat guys if you want to get to the main land and back. There will be smaller boats going back and forth during all days of the festivals.  


We have a standard event insurance but it does not cover everything, especially personal injuries. When you become a citizen of Sweutschland, you accept responsibility for yourself. If you get hurt in any way, we will of course help you in the best way possible (there will be doctors and nurses present on the island), but we cannot insure all the risks involved. Same goes for risks while in transit to and from the island. Short version: you knowingly participate at your own peril.