Less Is More: SIN Limited to 450 Citizens

Over the last nine years, Secret Island Nation has evolved from a private birthday party to a Berlin-style open air festival, and from there to a self-proclaimed micronation were freaky people gather to experiment with exquisitely non-boring forms of expression and peaceful co-existence .

Nowadays we face the rather encouraging problem of having more people wanting to join this event than what we are able to handle (given the size and attributes of both our beloved island and team). Furthermore, we do not seek to exploit the opportunity for expansion that a high demand enables but rather do quite the opposite. We want to ensure that the unique vibe and culture of intimacy, community and even familiarity can live on and be strengthened further, and we hope to achieve this by reducing the number of citizens by some 150 people compared to last SIN. Less is more, back to the roots, quality over quantity:

450 citizens plus crew, DJ's and artists = ca. 550 Sweutschers in 2014.

Unfortunately, the limit of 450 citizenships (=tickets) means that there won't be space for everybody - a number less than one out of ten of our Facebook group members will be able to participate this year. Therefore, the fair and optimal distribution of citizenships is a big challenge to us.

Check out to learn more about how we try to solve the situation.