Secret Island Nation #10

30 JUL - 2 AUG 2015, Sweden.

A lonely island. Our own nation. A lot of techno. 

For the tenth time Secret Island Nation Festival takes place on a lonely island off Sweden. The 2015 concept is same-same but different: we found our own nation and dance a lot. Lineup 2015 will consist of SIN veterans, many international bookings with a focus on Berlin plus local heroes.

Limited to 450 citizenships.


„Self-realization tends to be more fun if you are not by yourself.”

- Torsten

„If I can't dance I don't want to be in your revolution.”

- Emma Goldmann

„It’s about bringing ‚the’ Berlin lifestyle and vibe to a remote Swedish island.”


„Sweden’s best kept secret.“ 

- Festivalrykten

„Step out of your comfort zone and onto an extremely beautiful Swedish Island.“

- 10 of Europe's best kept secret festivals, by

„If you haven’t been to Secret Island, you don’t know what life is about.“

- Thorsten, Captain of Donalda

„If there is one festival you will tell your grandchildren about, it’s Secret Island.“ 

- A 2011 citizen

And finally, a classic:

„The best sound system is the best sound system.“