Aleator is a DJ and producer from the UK, living and working in Berlin. The name is derived from the Latin word for dice, alea, and literally means ‘gambler’. Never shy of taking risks, Aleator aims to subtly explore the relationship between choice and chance in his own productions and DJ sets. His musical style, ranging from house to techno with a sprinkling of broken beats, plays heavily on long, hypnotic grooves, melodic fragments and harmonic development.

Alex Esser

Alex Esser.jpg

DJ, globetrotter and HMWL label boss. 

Andreas Andersson & Vincent Rydell (420 Group)


Andreas Andersson and Vincent Rydell are two of the founders of the Stockholm based DJ collective and party promoter 420 Group. They are a regular name at parties in Stockholm and holds a residency at 420 Group parties. During the last couple of years he has played alongside artists like Carlo Lio, Pleasurekraft, Cristian Varela, Butch, Sian, Christian Smith among others. 

Andreas Foxx

The Foxx has no major habitat requirements and he therefore occurs in a variety of environments such as woodlands, night clubs, grasslands, crop circle-lands, festivals, and urban jungle. Since the late 90's he has been spotted playing around the world alongside artists like Eric Prydz, Ian Carey, Kombinat 100, Ian Pooley, Niki Belucci, Samuel L. Session, Axel Boman, Joel Alter, Franco Bianco and Martin H amongst many others. 

The sound of The Foxx has always been the basic funk and groove, but it also displays a wide range and an uncanny adaptability on a level rarely encountered elsewhere in the animal kingdom. Anything can surface here, be it slick 'n timeless beats to soulful, jazzy vibes and then perhaps onwards into a groovy latin butt twister. Always presented with energetic performance and high quality.

Andreas Foxx has released his music on Invent recordings, Darek recordings, Clubstream and Neustadtmusik and is a true island veteran.

Anna Steffens


SOUL - GROOVE - LOVE - having played music since she was a child Anna started DJ:ing 8 years ago in Cologne and met her love on Secret Island in 2011. Since then she's been living in Berlin and played here and there - just for fun - in clubs like Farbfernseher, Wilde Renate, her favourite Bar Fuchsbau and more. She became a member of WE AЯE NOW, a DJ collective of four friends, in 2012.

Asem Shama


There are not many electronic activists who has been on the scene for 15 years and still set trends.

Asem Shama is one of them. Since the beginning of the 90’s he can be considered as one of the pioneers of electronic music in Germany. Having his roots in Hip Hop, being a renowned rapper. In the 80’s, he made his first experimental steps into producing electronic beats at his friend’s studio. There he found his new musical home and a place where he could develop his creativity in unlimited spheres.

Next to his approaches as a techno producer he was the inventor of the legendary Ravesyndrome events. In this time he also build up his own studio and launched his first label “Syndrome Audio” with his longtime companion Axel Bartsch on which he released 15 vinyls until 1994.

In the following years he established himself as one of the key players in techno music, releasing vinyl on labels likeBush, Planet of Drums, Frisbee Tracks, Utils and Spiel-Zeug, making him an underground legend in the German techno scene. His breakthrough came with the track “Flash”, that was recognized by the remains of the band “Queens” themselves and afterwards was promoted as an official remix. He hit Top 20 charts across Europe, marking 15th position in the UK and 17th in Germany. With this major recognition he still continued to concentrate on the underground and was not giving up his upfront emphatic style of producing and mixing. His reputation as a DJ grew constantly, making him play all over the world and getting world wide reputation.

In 2005 he co-founded the label Sportclub focussed on a rather minimalistic style of techno. After moving to Berlin and getting new inspiration from the electronica capitol of the world he is heading towards new horizons. In 2009 he joined the Berlin based label Highgrade and made himself a fixed factor of the berlin club scene by raising enthusiasm with his sets in the trendsetting clubs like Berghain, Watergate and nearly any other club worth mentioning.

In 2011 Asem starts working on his first Artist Album „MNDCTRL“ which was released in spring 2013 and marks a new meridian in his production skills and musical variety .

Bonnie Ford

Berlin-based Bonnie Ford has always been addicted to music and is by now no longer only known amongst her friends. After she started DJing in 2011 (just for fun) she soon played in several clubs in Berlin such as: Chalet, Rummels Bucht, Fiese Remise, Farbfernseher and in 2012 on Secret Island as well. Her sound is unmistakable and rarely faster than 120BPM. She loves massive bass lines and has an unmatched feeling for special tracks.


Borst have mixed minimal and techhouse at clubs and open airs in Gothenburg for years, always with a warm heart and the fine tunes to match it. Part of the Guerilla crew who runs one of Gothenburg's friendliet (yet filthiest) underground clubs.



Born Anno Domini Nostri Jesu Christi 1981 in the deep Bavarian wilderness. Grew up with a lot of cows and very hard "blas-music" whilst dancing "schuahplattler" and drinking a lot of beer. Was 14 years old when he started to listen to electronic music and consequently went insane.  Five years later he had grown very bored with buying records in Munich. Cue Berlin! Woop-di-doo, great stuff there! But after 3 years, the fucking rain became too much and so on he went to the beach of Barcelona to bring the bavarian-electronic-"schuahplattler" to the best club in the whole wide universe [Editors note: insane, remember?]: Kubik! Fast forward two years and The Crisis brings him back to good ol' Berlin....Resident DJ (and chef) at SIN since 2006.

Daniel Czerner

Wie er angefangen hat, was er früher gemacht hat, spielt keine Rolle, er ist und das ist gut so. 

Der erwartungsvolle Fremde ist sein Freund für eine Nacht, dieses unterschwellige Herzklopfen, das an die Dunkeltrunkenheit des Tanzbodens erinnert, ist sein liebstes Gefühl. Verlorengegangenes, Morgiges, Unkorrektes, keine innere Uhr mehr zu finden, wo gehts denn hier zur Bar, ich will doch noch nicht nach Hause. Ein Gewitter ohne Blitze, aber Sterne sieht man trotzdem. 

Kein Klatsch, kein Einmaleins des elektronischen Stimmungsbogens, stattdessen voll mit dunkler Liebe, ohne die große Hupe zu bedienen.


Detronique Artistpic SIN.jpg

De:tronique is a DJ, a freak and a life artist. As a Berliner and a resident of the parties known as Golden Times, he is regularly playing at Golden Gate where he time and again puts the audience under his spell with truly hypnotic sets of deep house. This young man is extremely productive. He organizes his own events when he's not working at the hottest underground club in Berlin (whose name naturally cannot be mentioned here). All the while incessantly creating on his own music. So let’s see what the future brings for the “Kreativkopf”! This much is certain: it will probably be exciting! 

Demir & Seymen

Demir and Seymen.jpg

Between art and entertainment, craft and emotion, Demir & Seymen bring to the electronic music scene an energy completely of their own making. As a DJ and producer duo they pursue an extraordinary balancing act in their work: a profound depth, but with a twist, an unmistakable signature sound which is flexible nonetheless.

Dirty Doering


Velten Doering aka Dirty Doering was born in Leipzig in 1978, but grew up in the Black Forest in southern Germany. He started DJing professionally at the age of 19, and soon followed his career to Berlin.

He rose quickly as a part of the club and underground scene in Berlin, and soon the most influential locations such as BAR25 (resident), Watergate, Tresor, Club 103, Arena, HomeSweetHome, Bachstelzen, Rote Sonne, Maria and Weekend became the places frequently seeing Dirty Doering playing his sexy electronic dance sound. His interpretations of the Berlin sound has been experienced at the Fusion and Melt! festivals (Germany), Studio88 (France), Nadsat (Kopenhagen), Fabric (London), Sonar Festival (Spain), Klubbers Day (Madrid) and many more international locations and events.

Doering has created remixes for artists such as Housemeister, Oliver Koletzki, Chilly Gonzales, Nicone, Con- sole, Bonaparte, and more. One of his biggest hits is „I Would“ on the BAR25 label.

DJ Bacid

DJ Bashin.jpg

DJ Bacid has been active as a promoter, DJ and journalist since 1999 in the Malmö area, while arranging clubs in Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Berlin and Chicago. He runs the booking agency We Manage With Love that gathers some of the leading names in electronic music. 

DJs with bad haircuts


DJs with bad haircuts! How many are there? There can be only one: Sven L.!

Born in 1974, close to Frankfurt / Main. He loves and plays many different music styles and therefore calls himself music-schizophrenic - more than just one guy, more than just one DJ!

He calls the world of electronic music his home but he also possesses great knowledge about indie, scremo [why?], emocore [why!?], hardcore [why?], britpop and wave. Sven started mixing with tapes on school parties in the late 80s - playing Depeche Mode, Nitzer Ebb or Front 242. 

As a clubber he frequented Germany's top clubs like Omen, Dorian Gray or Aufschwung Ost (later Stammheim) and soon started with a partner his own label Aspeak which featured artists like Johannes Heil (Jim Henson Project) and Heiko Laux. Later he moved to Cologne where he launched (together with a friend) the party series aphone which became one of the biggest indieparties in Germany. Very early on his sets there included music of bands like Franz Ferdinand or Bloc Party but also new rave, indietronic and french electro. 

Moving to Berlin was a major step in his musical development and brought more minimal and techhouse music to his sets. Sven now commutes between Berlin, Cologne, Barcelona and Bucharest where he plays regular nights in the minimal/techhouse scene. In 2007 he supported Carl Craig, Michael Mayer and Gui Buratto when they played in Bucharest. In 2012 he played at the Sonar Festival alongside acts like Trentemoller and Thugfucker.

e. Day

He was born and raised in a non-existing country – so does he really exist then?  We can hear music, we can see this human from the forests of Balkan, where the Slavic pagans used to dance to call of the rain. But now on the Scandinavian peninsula we also see that the Vikings, Germanic, other tribes & earthly-minded people unifying on the dance floor. We can hear the tribes chanting to mesmerizing tracks.This incognito music boy is coming straight from the underground by boat on Secret Island Nation to captivate the unique and extraordinary people on the isle.

*and here you go, a little song for you : *

SiNners of all countries, unite!
Music is our way to fight, somethimes heavy -not light.
The vind will be blowing- bring the kite.
Make it good, make it right. Mabye wide- not tight.

e.Day is here, so take a really good bite.

Franco Bianco

Franco Bianco.jpg

Franco comes from Buenos Aires. He has several problems (addictions). They the following (in no particular order): music, friends, Argentina, cats, Switzerland, driving on the German autobahn, orgasms, marijuana, The Dominican Republic, politics, love, Yerba Mate, Nordschleife, playing music for the people and then to sleep LOOOONG after all of the above in combination. 

Gluteus Maximus feat. Högni

Gluteus Maximus are Iceland's President Bongo and DJ Margeir. Masterminds of the Reykjavik-based event company Jón Jónsson, these dysfunctional digital artists have jockeyed their disks everywhere from Pacha to The End, armed with a combined remix list verging on the offensive - Björk, Trentemøller, Sigur Rós, Captain Comatose, Prins Póló and Kasper Björke to name but a few. Their original hit single “Everlasting”, featuring the magnificent vocals of Högni Egilsson, heralded the birth of their own label, Radio Bongo.

The Guardian calls them an “unexpected treat,” Resident Advisor notes they have “several thousand Icelanders eating out of the palm of their hands,” and The Quietus calls them “lunatics,” albeit ones who drive the crowd “potty” and send them “off down into the spiral.” Both at home and abroad Margeir and The President are a supernatural institution. They’re an arsenal of rotating musical mass with a live freak show that shouldn’t be missed.

Hovhannes Asatour

Hovhannes Asatour.JPG

Hovhannes Asatour is a professional opera singer. But his great love for electro has also come to make him a producer and DJ within that very different world. He develops different party concepts as well as other events and is the founder of Art19 Association which represents a multi-artistic concept in Paris. Coming from Armenia to Paris and finally to Berlin in an incessant search for inspiration for his art, he also creates modern art- and light installations.

Jonty Skrufff

Jonty Skrufff December 2013 in Sao pPaulo.jpg

A current resident at Sisyphos in Berlin, Jonty Skrufff started DJ:ing in London during 2004 where he quickly gained residencies at clubs such as Fabric (DTPM) and Ibiza's Pacha. He has gone on to perform in some 30 countries including Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, China and Japan. Which is of course all great, but what remains this particular Berlin brit's peak achievement is not any of that but rather surviving SIN's infamous storm of 2010. All in order to drop 'The Sun Always Shines on TV' during the the first set after the chaos had subsided...


Two humble Swedish men widely known for always playing that funky music to the benefit of anyone lucky enough to be in the vicinity. Based in Oslo, Norway - and festivals organisers in their own right through SIN's sister festival Sehr Schøn - they have been part of Secret Island Nation since 2010.

Kamil Benon

Kamil Benon.jpg

A SIN veteran that currently resides in Oslo, Norway. Originally from Poland. Kamil was praised for numerous brilliant sets delivered from the "alternative floor" of 2012 (a boat anchored next to one of the island's many beautiful little hideouts). This man brings that deep stuff. 

KSF (Killer Sounding Frequencies)

The name says it all! Brothers from another mother could be the right words to describe the friendship of these guys. Friðrik Thorlacius and Sigurjon Friðriksson better known as Mike The Jacket and Sig Johnson are a upcoming duo that made their debut on Secret Solstice Iceland. 

Friðrik Thorlacius  (Mike The Jacket) started making music around the age of 12 and has been dj-ing the past 10 years, played with many of the biggest dj's in the world here in iceland, Deadmau5, Fedde Le Grand, Dj Lucca, Pendulum, Mickey Slim, Tiesto, plus many more. He took part in a remix competition for Deadmau5 back in late 2010 and got in the top 10 finalists.

Sigurjón Friðriksson (Sig Johnson) is considered one of the freshest and most upcoming kid on the decks. Starting his career couple of years ago and seeing it take off with blast. 

Les Chefs

  1. Begin with an island festival. 
  2. Add some zest of lemon. 
  3. Mix it with 2 drunken chefs in possession of a lot of vinyls. 
  4. Salt it with 3 days of non-sleeping. 
  5. Let them play at 28 degress for 5 hours on a Sunday morning until the crowd is soft and handsome. 
  6. Serve with happiness!


Locus is a DJ and club running collective of five guys that started out in 2001 and found themselves irreversibly hooked by the deepness. Based in Gothenburg where they are considered an institution.



A unique musician with an unmistakable character, who combines the tribal sounds of the cultures of old with modern instruments. and truly global musical influences.

Magnutze has a unique and personal touch that he lends to the music regardless of whether he's performing live or playing a DJ set. The wise would prepare to be abducted on a journey through rhythm and sound, and prepare themselves accordingly.

Maxi Storrs

Born on the Greek island of Spetses, and spending his childhood in the Green Mountains of Sugarbush, Vermont, Maxi Storrs was raised by family and friends that taught him the importance of a close relationship to nature and the valuable roles that art, music, travel, and community play in living a rich life.  After graduating University in North Carolina, he moved to California and San Francisco where he worked for 10 years in the Biotech space, focusing on furthering the development of molecules for the treatment of cancer and other deadly diseases, while holding court on the weekends in some of the wildest raves and outdoor parties that Northern California had to offer. It was during these years in San Francisco that he learned about the art of techno and house music and began to grow his musical roots and develop himself as an electronic music artist and active member of the underground.

In 2010, he took leave from his position within the biotech industry and left the United States in order to fully dedicate his life to the pursuit of his true passions: music, travel and to produce events that center around love and free expression. At this time, he created an artists' retreat in the mountains of the far north of Thailand, which was established as a center that fostered creative self-development and a closer relationship to nature. This lead to the organization of free expression events in Northern Goa, Northern Thailand, Burning Man and elsewhere. In the process he became an active member of the global underground electronic music community and has spent a good portion of his time traveling across the lands of Asia, the Middle East, Europe and both North and South America, always advancing his solo project as an electronic music artist.  In 2012, Maxi encountered Istanbul for the first time, fell immediately in love with the city, and has made it his base ever since.  Shortly after settling in Istanbul, Maxi founded the now very successful Dusty Eardrums event, and holds monthly residencies at Wake Up Call Club in Istanbul and the now legendary Suma Beach. 

Over the years, Maxi has shared the decks with the likes of Acid Pauli, Lee Burridge, Tale of Us, Michael Mayer, Thugfucker, Clockwork, Adultnapper, Avatism, Jake the Rapper and has played in clubs around the world like Space Ibiza, Watergate, Kater Holzig, Sisyphos, Troyka Multispace and festivals such as Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis and more.

Nico Stojan

Nico_Stojan_2013 72.jpg

Nico Stojan‘s rise within the Berlin house scene started with a residency inside the famed walls of Bar 25. His sets there always had the Stojan stamp – house with modern injections of jazz and soul that honored his past as one of Germany‘s best hip hop DJ‘s. 

Nobody Home


Nobody Home

As many of us may know, the line between reality and fiction is very thin. This is something that Marcus experienced already as a child. He grew up at a farm in a very safe, supporting and loving environment. In his backyard playground - the woods - he had a lot of time to use his imagination, play with different dimensions and getting deep into the inner worlds. Playing the roles of both the creator, actor and audience, he built up imaginary worlds with lots of different characters and adventures.

1993 was the year Marcus discovered techno music. He had a life changing experience when he went to his first techno party in Christiania/Copenhagen where DJ Hell and Monica Cruse was playing.

Without substances or enhancement, and only with music as the carrier, the hypnotic atmosphere made him feel that he was part of a sacred ritual. He cut through his tiredness and fears so that the inner powers, that are embodied in all of us, came to life. Deep from within, perceiving this vivid dear inner worlds again, and connecting with his true self, as when he was a child, but now together with others --- he had found his calling...

The choice was so natural he didn't even think about questioning it. He had to make that music, tell those stories, get people into that hypnotic state so full of life. Soon after he and his friends frenetically started collecting underground techno records and creating there own parties. 

With no musical education but a great deal of passion and stubbornness, he learned by doing how to use and manipulate drum machines, sequencers, and synthesizers. 

Since 1997 he has been producing music together with Sebastian Muellert under the now widely recognized names of Minilogue and Sonkite. Nobody Home is his new solo project.

Pia Picknick

Har Djat och varit aktiv  i klubbvärden sen lång tid tillbaka. Och har även det sista året provat på producerat eget. Hennes musik karaktäriseras av att den är dansat och samtidigt lekfull. Enligt henne själv är hennes musikstil Hyper drivig Neothech, med en tutsh av snacke-pump.

Haben Đạt und seit langer Zeit wieder in den Club-Werte aktiv. Und auch das letzte Jahr versucht, die ihren eigenen. Ihre Musik, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass sie tanzen, während verspielt. Nach ihr selbst, ihren Musikstil Hyper drivig Neothech, mit einem tutsh von Säcke Pumpe. ;)

Pilocka Krach

Pilocka Krach.jpg


She was born on a ruby Sunday in smashing town b. at the river s. not far away from the river h. After the block and the new kids a rapid interest for the functional synthesis of sound was established. Ignoring any kind of limits, the walk was not too far to aural manic creation. From glandpop to echoism. In the tradition of dada, lyrics like: “my crap smells like shit”, “boom! crash!! boom!!!” and “nanananananananana” are part of her reflective non-reflexion.

Madame Krach collects noises as bee's honey.

Trendsetting blind she follows the path-breaking sound carpet of her intuition. Bacchanal “hit the pot” arias and cadenced twitters have a premonition of the relation to punk and roger whitaker, but to feel out of it - not at all. Pilocka Krach turns data urine into shaked martini with pear.


Rich & Maroq


Rich & Maroq, originally from Scotland and Peru respectively, have been based in Berlin for more than 10 years. Aside from playing in underground clubs in Berlin, Zurich and other European cities, the DJ duo combined their skills to produce the documentary film that captured so many great moments of SIN 2011. Maroq directed the film while Rich produced the soundtrack along with fellow musician and producer Dirty Room. One of the tracks was also released on the first SIN EP in 2012. Rich & Maroq are more than happy to be part of the SIN family once more and to help create the soundtrack to this wonderful experience!

Schlepp Geist

Schlepp Geist.jpg

If the world of today were the dreams of tomorrow – Rostock based german artist Sebastian Geist aka Schlepp Geist delivers the movie soundtrack. The nightyness of his sound is stretched as sugar sweet agravic cloudlessness behind your eyes. His music is ranged by this essential riot as if she lived forever without beginning somewhere in time. Floats amongst hedonistic thrill of ecstasy and a furnished room with attendance, between Berlin and the Baltic, between House and House, between twitchy dancefloors and green yards, between funkyness and passing telephone poles. And no matter how hard we try to get back to the non-dramatic homeland called everyday's life – Schlepp Geist's music stays. K?