Reunion Party

Berlin, Berlin, we are going to Berlin!

With a Techno Bus from Göteborg!

17 Oct @ Birgit & Bier
Franco Bianco (live)
Demir & Seymen
Erich Lesovsky (live)
DJs with bad haircuts
Tobias Maidorn
Fred White
DJ Nomad (Africaine 808)
Les Chefs
Rich & Maroq

THANK YOU FOR SIN #10 - most likely the best ever! Many of us may still be feeling the love floating through their bodies. So, what to do? Meet up all together and let’s SIN again!

On Saturday, 17 Octobert, BIRGIT & BIER in Berlin-Kreuzberg will be our „Temple“ for the SIN REUNION PARTY this year, which is an absolute must-attend event for every Sweutscher and Sweutscher’s friend!

Function One sound system, two floors, with our beloved island DJ’s , some SIN deco, photo contest exhibition & winner ceremony and SIN-baby MAROQ’s birthday ♥ Bring your oddest SIN outfits and other artifacts from the island.

Secret Island Nation – Event Participation Agreement

This agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) is entered into and between the paying participants (hereinafter ”Participant”) and the organizers of “Secret Island Nation” (hereinafter ”Organizers”) regarding the participation in the festival Secret Island Nation Reunion Party (hereinafter ”the Event”).


1.1 Participant hereby acknowledges this Agreement and understanding of all the rules established for the Event including, but not limited to, the provision(s) in this Agreement.

1.2 Participant, by signing this Agreement and participating in the Event, expressly agrees that the Organizers shall not be liable for any claims, losses, expenses, damages, demands, settlements and judgments arising from any loss or personal liability, excluding death, sustained by the Participant, any partner or affiliate of Participant.

1.3 Participant assumes full responsibility for any such claims, losses, expenses, damages, demands, settlements, and judgments which may occur to the Participant, its partners or affiliates.

1.4 Participant understands and is made aware of the natural conditions of the area for the Event and the possible risks this implies. The location “Ulsholmen” is not specifically designed for the Event. The island has, due to its natural conditions, various perils such as, but not limited to, an uneven terrain, powerful waves, slippery rocks and precipices. Participant is made aware of that other risks, known or unknown, identified, or unidentified, anticipated or unanticipated might occur.

1.5 This release and waiver will survive the expiration, lapse or other termination of this Agreement and releases any and all claims, losses, expenses, damages, demands, settlements and judgments.


2.1 Participant assumes full responsibility for not causing any damage on the environment during the Event. Participant acknowledges the fundamental ruling principles of the Event and is made aware of the environmental policy. It is essential for the participation in the Event that environmental damages are minimized.

2.2 The environmental policy for the Event is based upon the principle of ”leave no trace”. The principle implies that the Participant is solely responsible for removing and handling all possible items that was brought to the Event by the Participant. If the Participant fails to do such, Participant will be held liable.


3.1 Participant agrees to release the Organizers from liability, any failure or delay in performance under this Agreement to the extent said failures or delays are proximately caused by causes beyond the Organizers reasonable control and occurring without its fault or negligence, including, without limitation, failure of suppliers, fire, floods, acts of Government, wars, riots subcontractors, and carriers, or party to substantially meet its performance obligations under this Agreement.

3.2 Participant understands that in the event of a force majeure, Participant has no right to claim any reimbursement or other compensation for tickets that cannot be used.