Berlin Techno Bus

TACK for your registration to join the SIN Techno Bus to the SIN REUNION PARTY IN Berlin on 17 Oct 2015.

Since 20 seats are reserved for team and DJs, we only have 30 seats available. First PAID, first served. 

- Only 30 tickets available (20 are reserved for team and DJs) 

- Departs Friday, 16/9 8:00am (MEET @ 7:30!) from Göteborg Nils Ericsson Terminal arrives late evening at Berlin-Kreuzberg hostel „X-Berger“, very near the club.

- Return Monday, 19/9 at 11:00am (MEET @ 10:30!), arrival Göteborg at night.

- Pickup stop in Malmö if more than 5 SINNERs from Malmö wanna join in. Mail Björn.

- Bordershop stop in Rostock on way back if we are on time (do you know the expression „Weg-Bier“ yet?)

- 1.300 kr (incl. VAT, Knülla shot, bus DJ, 20:00 pre-party access (depending on weather) and club VIP entrance (all SINNERs are VIP though)).

(Due to a mistake, we had 1.500:- before but then realized that this bus trip is two days shorter than the Berlin bus to SIN!)

Details will be mailed to you 1-2 weeks before and published on, too.

Please transfer 1.300 SEK to one of the following accounts:

Secret Island Handelsbolag
Plusgiro: 736063-9
Subject: Your name


Björn Wurmbach
IBAN: DE48510700240302841200
Subject:  Your name
(Please make sure that the bank fees are not deducted from the passport price amount.)

We check the bank accounts weekly and will confirm your citizenship when we have received your tax…eh….bus ticket payment. That e-mail will be a valid bus ticket and entry ticket to the party.

If you can’t come, a ticket transfer is possible but we cannot reimburse you. Instead, you may sell or give away your ticket, i.e. via the SIN Facebook presences. Of course, without surcharge.

Well, almost done, as we receive your payment you will shortly afterwards get your Techno Bus ticket! Welcome to SIN Reunion Party in Berlin 2015!

Your SIN-team